OLW for 2018

January 2, 2018

Slice of Life

OLW is giving me anxiety this year! Oh, to find the perfect word for me! I first became aware of the one word “movement” when our principal purchased multiple copies of the book, One Word That Will Change Your Life, for our staff. Many of us started the school year of 2014 with our word. I read the book. I did the preparation. The word was revealed to me: RELAX. It was the first year of being an empty nester. All 3 of my boys had been “launched” and they were doing really well, and it felt like I had earned a year to relax. I tackled that word for all I was worth all year long. As my sister told me, you’re going to work really hard at relaxing! Having reminders everywhere did help, and I feel good about the improvements it brought me and I still rely on it as a touchpoint for myself. The following year, after only a brief amount of consideration, I selected “present.” I liked the multiple meanings, all of which seemed like they could apply to me. My effort was C- and my success with it was equally mediocre. So last year I took a year off. No word to guide me. Now, with all the end of year chatter, I’m seriously trying to find a word to guide my 2018. I even reread the book last night. I’ve talked with my husband and one of my sons. I’ve prayed about it, and thought about it, and am now writing about it! The interesting thing is, the more I read what others say about their words the more confused I am! There are just so many options! The pressure is intense! We’re talking change your life status, people! So, here’s what I’ve decide to do. Wait it out. Let it marinate. Keep it in the incubator a bit longer. Have faith. Don’t force it.  Let the word come to me.


Author: JoCSin603

Reading and Writing Specialist and teacher of 31 years. Working on more writing!

8 thoughts on “OLW for 2018”

  1. I completely agree with you about the anxiety that choosing your word can cause and much prefer when the word chooses me! After reading your post, it seems like a good word for you might be: faith. You might paste this into a word cloud generator and see what you find there too!


  2. I had the exact same problem. There IS tremendous pressure (that we put on ourselves) to choose a good word. My OLW kept trying to get me to accept it and I kept turning it away. Finally, I gave up and have found that it is the perfect word for me. I’m sure your word will find you too. Happy new year!


  3. I think it does help to let it marinate a bit. I was thinking about the process for the past few days, but didn’t make myself sit down until the writing prompt came this morning. It helped to look back on what had made an impression on my over the last year; maybe a review of what worked/ didn’t work for you in 2017 might help.


  4. I think ‘present’ is a fabulous word to choose. It’s a great word to live by.
    Think of your OLW as something to live by, rather than to fail by (which is what happens with new year’s resolutions for most people).
    Happy new year!


  5. This slice made me laugh! I, too, felt the pressure of having to choose or find a OLW! It was last year. I eventually made up my own word “doshare” – share wasn’t strong enough so I added do and created my very own OLW. It worked! May your word find you, maybe you will find your word, or maybe you’ll be ok without a word…for now 😉 Thanks for sharing!


  6. I had to read your post as it caught my eye. I have never picked a OLW and not heard about it until being part of this blogging group. I have not spent any time thinking of a word, so alas, I have not chosen one. I will let the idea “brew”. Maybe, I will read the book your principal got you all. But, one thing is for sure, I do not need anything else to be anxious about in life. I am at a point (I also have 3 boys, 2 still in the “nest” and almost ready to fly), that I am trying to contain my level of anxiety about things in my life. Thinking about picking a word is making me anxious, too. So, I am not going worry about it now. On to living…..I am very goal directed as it is, so I am not sure how adding a word to guide me will alter things that much for me.


  7. Maybe your word will be marinate? If not, I think you made the right choice to just sit on it until the right word finds you. Best of luck. I look forward to hearing your final choice!


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